Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wow! The months fly by...

Wow! It is a long time since I last posted. Was it really back in May? My, how time flies! Looking back there does not seem to be much of significance to report. I have been doing the usual working, sight-seeing, reading and cooking. Not actually much sewing happening at all. This winter has been all about knitting and I am mightly slow at it! Best of all DH has been home all the time, which probably plays the greatest part in explaining my absence.

So what's happening?

I'm currently listening to........the the Simpsons which my husband is watching and the rain beating down on the roof.

I'm currently reading....Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford, having just finished Angel by Elizabeth Taylor.

The last movie I saw.....was Harry Potter - it was so good.

I can smell.....dinner cooking in the slow cooker - hearty beef stew. We haven't made the recipe before so hoping for the best. We had a bit of a disaster week of food a week or so back and DH is still complaining about being starved.

The best meal we have had of turkish lamb pizza, it was such an easy recipe. I should post it.

Waiting for our new bed.....we put an order in for a beautiful sleigh bed by a custom furniture company and it is now a month overdue. I hope it is worth it.

Today.....I had the day off work! Yay - I so could be a stay at home wife! I did my ballet exam this morning, lunched with DH at a Thai restaurant - a brilliant thai yellow vege curry - and then a quiet afternoon at home.

Tonight....watching the final episode of Grand Designs for this season. DH and I love the show. We like to watch for ideas we would like to implement in our own future home.

Next year....we are on the move again. Another posting, another state.....this time Queensland. We will be living in a town about two and a half hours out of the capital city Brisbane. I will have to start the job hunt all over again! This time it will be much more challenging.