Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Making (Stash Bash) and Baking


It has just occurred to me that if I don't hurry up and get this post up the events it depicts will be well and truly in the past!

Crazily, after finally completing Ginger's birthday dress with time to spare (not to mention her presents - post forthcoming) I decided that I should sew Ginger and Tom Kitten matching Easter outfits.  Nuts, given (a) they have well and truly enough clothing already and (b) they are not even the same sex so obviously completely matching outfits are out of the question.  I decided that it had to use something in my stash and use patterns that I already had.  So, I decided a t-shirt appliqued with a cross for the top, and blue gingham shorts and skirt for the bottom.

The shorts and skirt sewed up really fast.  I used the Lazy Days Skirt from Oliver and S (with a hem since I didn't have the ribbon on hand), and this pattern for Tom Kitten's shorts.  I made the mistake with the T-shirts of buying up a size (Tom Kitten a 12-18 month and Ginger a 24-36 month) and so they were both too big and looked pretty average.  Oh, well.  The cross Mr Provincial free handed for me and my new Brother sewing machine sewed it on with blanket stitch nice and easily.

As you can see cooperation on both parties for a photo is difficult.  This was the best I could do, before Ginger wanted off to hunt eggs.  And, our children got watering cans from the Easter Bunny rather than a tonne of chocolate!

I made our usual hot cross buns on Good Friday and a Simnel Cake for sunday.  I used my boiled fruit cake recipe and store bought marzipan this year.  It was much better than last year's effort!

Joining Crunchy Catholic Momma in this stash bash effort.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And now you are 3!

Ginger turned three earlier this week.  I can't believe how the last three years have flown.  I really can't imagine life without her.

Ginger you delight and frustrate me in equal measure.  Baby girl, you have the most wonderful personality. You regularly thank us for what we do for you, and I never expected that from a three year old.  Just today you said "Thank you Mummy for making my lunch.  It is too yummy!"

You love to dance.  The biggest excitement for you of turning three is the chance to go to ballet.  You can already do plies, gallop, spring point, turn pirouettes, put your arms in fifth and keep your feet in first.  Mummy is pretty excited about you going to ballet too, I have been waiting for this moment since the 20 week scan that showed you were a girl.

And truly, you are such a girl.  You love playing with your baby dolls, particularly baby Beth.  You like fairy wings, wands and pretty dresses.  Your favourite colour is pink.  You also love going to the fabric shop, which is a most welcome development for Mummy, though it must be said that your delight is intensified when we are shopping for fabrics for your dresses and quilts!

And you are so stubborn, which I am sure will serve you well through your life but boy can it be trying getting you to do something you don't want to do. You are also a born organiser both of your peers and the adults in your life! "Come on everyone".  "How about we do X.  That would be a good idea" is probably the most commonly heard statement from you.

You have such poise with your friends and in all social settings.  I don't know where it has come from but I think it is a blessing given the itenerant life we read.

You love to read. You will sit and be read to for hours.  Your favourite stories at the moment are Paddington Bear and some stories from an ancient collection of "Listen with Mother".  You love to take a "big pile" of books to bed at rest time and will happily spend a couple of hours in your bed reading to yourself.

You faith grows ever stronger and this has been one of the things that makes me most proud.  You really love your Jesus stories, as you call the bible and you ask to take it to bed with you every nap time.  Most days you actually take two children's bibles to bed.

You love your brother, and often say to him, in a small echo of Mummy, "Tom Kitten, darling, I love you".

Little girl, thank you for the last three years.  I look forward to seeing what the next year holds for you.

Happy Birthday.

*The dress used fabric from Spotlight, chosen by Ginger. Well, the mermaids were; I coordinated the red spot. The pattern is The Paper Fan Dress by Anna Maria Horner.

The girls loved playing Ring a Rosie at the party.  The wings are just sheer fabric with holes for arms cut out.  My MIL made them and they were quite a hit.