Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

At 2 years 2 months my baby girl finally has enough hair to scrape into pigtails.  

For a Mummy who has dreamed of putting ribbons in her little girl's hair this is a noteworthy milestones.

First step, hair ties.  Next, hair ribbons.  The sky is the limit!


Little Tom Kitten is incredibly strong for his age.

At 1 month he can hold his head up, roll back to front and stand on his legs (that impressed the clinic sister).

Honestly, we are flabbergasted.  

It does explain his ability to bruise my kidneys invitero.

We thought the first roll was a fluke.  But it has happened several times since then.

Here he is showing his head holding prowess.

Got it.

 Losing it.

Lost it.


Ginger is at the stage of wanting to do whatever her baby brother does.

Our favourite is her insistence to share his tummy time.

Or "tummy button time" as she refers to it.

Tasty head, Ginger!


As I said earlier, Tom Kitten rolled at 10 days.  

It has rendered our gorgeous cradle useless.  He kept getting his limbs stuck in the side when he rolled in his sleep.

Reluctant to purchase a second cot we tried transitioning Ginger to her big bed (thrifted last year and being stored in the garage).

She was so excited to build it with Daddy.

And to mock sleep in it.

But come night time she lasted approximately 5 minutes before requesting her cot back.

Tom Kitten is now in the porta-cot.