Friday, November 6, 2009

Long Time.....some news

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How does one start a blog post after an absence of 3 months. Hmmm....

I am officially reinvigorated about blogging. Browsing through my Persephone Biannual which arrived on Monday I got to the 'Our Bloggers Write' page. There was a post from Simon (of Stuck in a Book) at the top of the second column, oh and down at the bottom a post from little old me. That was the point I let out the yelp that made my husband jump and ask what was wrong. You see, if you actually were one to check the statistics on my archive page you would notice I have posted just 11 times this year. Shame cries the gallery! So for an excerpt from those slim pickings to make the pages of the Persphone Biannual I was pretty chuffed!

Trouble is I don't have many books to write about at present. We have a wonderful blessing on its way (due mid April 2010). We are so happy and all seems to be well with the little one - it was so cute when we had a scan a while back; it was bouncing! But, the little darling has been making Mummy rather sick for the last few months and reading on the train has definitely not been a possibility!

But, I have been officially nausea free for 6 days and counting (it probably has something to do with the fact that I finally got a script from the Obs for anti-nausea medication - and Murphy's law would say once you fill said script, the nausea will stop).

So I am reading once again, Persephone books as it happens. Reviews on "The Making of a Marchioness" and "Greenery Street" to come shortly.
Very little crafting has been done by yours truly, but lots of knitting being done for baby by others. Much of that is now sitting in our cradle awaiting the little one's arrival, so perhaps I can show that off over the coming weeks. And there is the possibility, with the bloom of my middle pregnancy I might slowly get my crafting mojo back and do some myself. First thing to tackle, though, is the pile of mending sitting by the sewing machine. One does need a clean slate to work:)