Thursday, May 10, 2012

PHFR - Introducing Tom Kitten

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


Tom Kitten arrived safely last week, 7 days overdue. 7 pounds 11 ounces.  A successful VBAC just a day before I was supposed to have a C-section (my Obstetrician was not keen to do an induction on a trial of scar).  After 12 hours of my labour barely progressing it was decided to augment the labour; Tom Kitten arrived within an hour of the drugs being put through.  I think the speed even surprised the midwives as they had to call the Obstetrician out of surgery when Tom Kitten's heart rate slowed and the Obstetrician did a forceps delivery.

Tom Kitten is just so beautiful at a few minutes old, even with the forceps marks on his face.

 And, having his first bath.


I am so HAPPY that Ginger has taken kindly to her brother.  She absolutely adores him and gets very upset if she doesn't get to kiss him before he goes to bed.  She constantly wants to give him cuddles.  And asks "what's the matter?" whenever he cries. 

"What's the matter?"  As we literally live a 2 minute drive from the hospital Ginger was able to come down for multiple visits a day - this was an evening visit hence the PJs.


Tom Kitten is a vomiter extraordinaire.  By day one of his arrival home he had already churned through our supply of gender neutral or baby boy bunny rugs.  So, he had to make use of his sister's.


Turns out Tom Kitten has inherited the head shape (long) of my side of the family and that, in conjunction with a few complications which saw us readmitted to hospital, have meant I have had an extremely sore posterior.  As such, this little beauty has been invaluable.  I can now sit on the floor with Ginger on it - essential as tea parties are her new favourite activity - or at the table for meals.