Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Joining in Like Mother, Like Daughter


Roses brought home from the markets by DH.  I love that he knows my favourite flowers, and thinks $10 is well spent on them.


I love that Ginger is really starting to enjoy books - both looking at the pictures by herself and being read to.  She had me worried a couple of months ago when her only engagement with books was to use them as a teether, and any attempt to read to her resulted in tears.  But, since I set up this reading space for her a couple of weeks ago, it has become her 'go-to' place and we are getting lots of reading time.


We do apples hands-off around here!


This is what your wardrobe starts to look like when a certain toddler's favourite occupation is to take everything out of it.  Got to say though, this is the first time she has actually climbed in the hangers / 'waiting to be ironed' box.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Here's to the Heroes: Anzac Day 2011

Ataturk's speech - From our visit to Gallipoli (2008)
Today Australia and New Zealand remember the sacrifices of their warriors in all conflicts on the anniversary of the dawn landings at Gallipoli (modern day Turkey) in 1915. 
We all got up early (4 am!) for the dawn service and now DH is off discharging Army duties elsewhere.

We visited the Gallipoli pensinsula in December 2008 and it was so sobering to see the row upon row of war graves for both sides of the battle.  And, with DH in the army, today's conflicts are very real for both us too.

Lest We Forget.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hope your Easter weekend was full of joy and...

.....homemade hot cross buns

....little girls in pretty Easter dresses

....celebrating our saviour's resurrection....HE IS RISEN INDEED! time.....(in our case an afternoon spent making Rosella jam while Ginger napped)

....Easter Daisies

Friday, April 1, 2011

On My Mind: Ginger's birthday

Joining in Rhonda's On My Mind series.

Ready for church last Sunday

Oh, my, where did the last year go? 

I can't believe my baby is a year old today. 

Ginger you are filling our days with a joy we can't explain. 

The sound of your laugh, you constant chatter, cuddles round the neck, your new lap sitting habits (she backs onto any available lap - including other childrens!), your curiousity and joy in life make you so much fun to be around.

I am privileged to call you my daughter.

Happy Birthday baby girl!