Friday, April 1, 2011

On My Mind: Ginger's birthday

Joining in Rhonda's On My Mind series.

Ready for church last Sunday

Oh, my, where did the last year go? 

I can't believe my baby is a year old today. 

Ginger you are filling our days with a joy we can't explain. 

The sound of your laugh, you constant chatter, cuddles round the neck, your new lap sitting habits (she backs onto any available lap - including other childrens!), your curiousity and joy in life make you so much fun to be around.

I am privileged to call you my daughter.

Happy Birthday baby girl!


  1. What a wonderful thing to have on your mind! She is precious to behold and obviously so very beloved by her family. Happy birthday, Ginger!

  2. Oh happiest of birthdays, too adorable, congratulations on your first year with that sweet heart. Love Posie

  3. such a sweet, beautiful little one. you are incredibly lucky! thanks for sharing with all us On My Mind-ers!