Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Making (Stash Bash) and Baking


It has just occurred to me that if I don't hurry up and get this post up the events it depicts will be well and truly in the past!

Crazily, after finally completing Ginger's birthday dress with time to spare (not to mention her presents - post forthcoming) I decided that I should sew Ginger and Tom Kitten matching Easter outfits.  Nuts, given (a) they have well and truly enough clothing already and (b) they are not even the same sex so obviously completely matching outfits are out of the question.  I decided that it had to use something in my stash and use patterns that I already had.  So, I decided a t-shirt appliqued with a cross for the top, and blue gingham shorts and skirt for the bottom.

The shorts and skirt sewed up really fast.  I used the Lazy Days Skirt from Oliver and S (with a hem since I didn't have the ribbon on hand), and this pattern for Tom Kitten's shorts.  I made the mistake with the T-shirts of buying up a size (Tom Kitten a 12-18 month and Ginger a 24-36 month) and so they were both too big and looked pretty average.  Oh, well.  The cross Mr Provincial free handed for me and my new Brother sewing machine sewed it on with blanket stitch nice and easily.

As you can see cooperation on both parties for a photo is difficult.  This was the best I could do, before Ginger wanted off to hunt eggs.  And, our children got watering cans from the Easter Bunny rather than a tonne of chocolate!

I made our usual hot cross buns on Good Friday and a Simnel Cake for sunday.  I used my boiled fruit cake recipe and store bought marzipan this year.  It was much better than last year's effort!

Joining Crunchy Catholic Momma in this stash bash effort.


  1. I think the matching outfits are really cute, and your hot cross buns look great - I didn't manage them this year.

  2. Yumm... those hot cross buns look great. Sweet matching outfits too :)

  3. Those outfits look so special and I am in awe of you getting both of them together in such lovely photos!! I have such a hard time with that! Your hot cross buns look so yummy!

  4. They look really sweet in those matching outfits and you did well with getting those photos I think they are really lovely. :)