Monday, August 20, 2007

Murder in Grub Street

A great find from a recent Lifeline booksale. I do enjoy a good mystery and rewarded myself with a read of this one after the challenge of Lady Chatterley's Lover last week.

In Murder in Grub Street Bruce Alexander takes us back to London of the mid eighteenth century. A Grub Street printer and his family have been brutally murdered. The poet John Clayton who was staying with them at the time is the only survivor. Found carrying a bloody axe, he is charged with their murder. John Clayton has a split personality and can not account for his actions on the night in question.

Sir John Fielding, the local magistrate, and a member of his household - 13 year old Jeremy Proctor set out to prove John Clayton's innocence. Along the way they encounter a youthful pickpocket, and some religious zealots recently returned from the colonies who are making life for the locals of Sir John Fielding's jurisdiction anything but pleasant.

I found this quite a fun read and see it is one of a series. I hope that I can scout out a few more.

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