Monday, November 5, 2007

A slightly bookish post

Well, at Simon's urging over on Stuck in a Book I have been reading The Provincial Lady. I managed to find an omnibus version on Abe Books and so have the first three at my finger-tips. I am thoroughly enjoying them and hope to be able to post in more detail soon.

We watched The History Boys here last night; which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was really disappointed to miss the play when it toured here last year, it was booked out. Anyway there is a scene in the movie where Hector (who teaches General Studies) talks about having a thought that you have always thought is unique and then coming across in a book. That is what reading The Provincial Lady has been like. Great stuff!

Anyway .. in a bit of bookish news here we had to order a new bookcase on the weekend; the piles of books are starting to escape the cupboards and spread into the living area. We are not sure how we will share the bookcase, at present we have a case each. Oh dear, our books might have to fraternise! My husband's military history might be exposed to my fiction:)

Also did a bit of baking on the weekend. One of my friends had a pink party to raise money for the breast cancer foundation. The pink cupcakes below were my contribution.

Then, my husband requested blue cupcakes with green spots! An interesting challenge....
Aren't they all sickly colours;)

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  1. Glad you're enjoying it! Think it must be time for a xth re-read for me...