Thursday, October 16, 2008

On Mangoes

Spring is truly here in eastern Australia as we are starting to see the first mangoes of the season. We are very fortunate to have mango growing areas in the Northern Territory and far north Queensland.

I love mangoes. The pungent sweet aroma when you sniff to check if a mongo is ripe is such a treat. And then, you cut the tough, oozing skin to expose the tender golden flesh. Yummy. The best way to eat a mango straight is to slice a cheek of mango, cut a fat dice into the flesh and then bend back the skin and dig in!

Another option is to blend mango and milk to create a milkshake. Or as we discovered in Singpore to mix shaved ice, sweetened condensed milk and diced mango. My mouth is watering at the memory. And now, Karen has given me another option....I think I might try this soon.


  1. I just LOVE mangoes! I even like them green with salt, pepper and a spritz of lemon.

  2. It's great to catch up on your blog! Love the Penang photos - my husband has been, and my parents, so it's great to see some more images of what I have missed out on! :) Congrats on having your husband home!!

  3. I love mangoes too. They're considered a superfruit and they're fiber-rich too. Above all, I think they are one of the tasty fruits on the planet.