Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Links

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

DH is coming home tonight so Ginger and I are busy fluffing the figurative nest and preparing a welcome home supper.  Actually, we just bumped into the convoy at the front gate as we were returning from the grocery store, so probably should speed the feathering up a little.

Here are a few articles I have enjoyed this week.  Hope you find something of interest.

A recipe for a push-in pie crust.  I have just made this for dessert tonight.

Interstitial time, or why knitting is such a good moment filling activity.

Motherhood as a vocation.

On when perfectionism and to-do lists overwhelm.  I really needed this the day it was posted.

And, grab a cup of tea because the latest issue of Rhythm of the Home has been published.  I am particularly keen to make the Martinmas lantern bunting.


  1. Wow...that link on perfectionism was truly outstanding.

  2. what a beautiful picture, I love mosaics. Well done on your Fowlers jars! what a score