Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ginger is 5

Waiting for her homeschooled friends to arrive at her birthday tea.  Wearing another Geranium dress - thrifted corduroy ($3) and some leftover from another dress for the top.  Neither Lincraft nor Spotlight had their corduroy in for winter yet.  Arghh!

Well our baby girl, Ginger, turned 5 this past week.  I can't believe I have had my right-hand girl for 5 years.  I am going to miss her like crazy when she goes to school next year - we are still having the homeschool, conventional school debate around here but we did put in the application form for Kindergarten 2016.......

Ginger on the cusp of 5:

- I love watching you working out the rudiments of reading.  You have worked so hard over the last couple of months learning all your sounds and now occasionally I see that light-bulb moment when you blend the sounds and you can work out what word you have read!

- I love how caring you are of your little brother and how eager you are to be a big sister to the new baby.  Yes, you and Tom Kitten do fight but you always apologise to each other and make up with big cuddles and telling each other how much you love the other.  I love that so often you will sacrifice yourself to make Tom Kitten happy "Tom Kitten you can go first" or "You can have the toy Tom Kitten".

- I enjoy watching your confidence growing at Preschool.  You have handled being one of only five girls, to twenty boys with aplomb and without your best friend in your class either of the two days you attend.

- It is exciting to see your ability to write your name take off.  Now rather than being reluctant to write your name you enjoy showing us how easily you can do it. And, it is getting neater and neater.

- I love seeing your creative play emerge.  You and Tom Kitten will sometimes play for hours very elaborate games involving rescuing or being Mummy and Daddy (actually often it is a combination of the two to satisfy both parties!).  No matter what game though, it always seems to involve transporting large amounts of your belongings out of your rooms and into the loungeroom to build a den!

- You make me laugh so much sometimes.  You come up with the best one-liners, often unintentially, like the time Daddy concluded some statement "one day when I'm King of the world" and you responded "We're doomed".

-You love handbags - you always have to carry at least one bag with you (often filled to the brim with assorted flotsam) and Baby Beth, your favourite doll which is looking increasingly worse for wear.

- It is a joy to share an increasing range of books with you.  In the last sixmonths you have shown an intensifying interest in chapter books - we have particularly enjoyed Little House in the Big Woods.  I enjoy spending a few extra moments each evening reading a chapter to you and having a snuggle.

- Your drawing and colouring is taking off.  It is wonderful to see the increasing care you take in your work and the detail you are able to capture.

- Dear one, you are exquisitely sensitive and a real barometer for the feelings of those around you.  You show a compassion and depth of feeling well beyond your chronological age.  This has been both a blessing and a curse because when people treat you harshly it cuts right to your heart - and dear one I would love to protect you from all life's cruelties but I can't. I trust though that you know your Heavenly Father's everlasting love for you and that will carry you through hard times.

- Gosh girly its wonderful to see your absolute faith.  One day when we were driving along recently you told us that the pictures the clouds make are God's colouring book.  Your prayers are so simple but direct and you are confident of their fulfillment.  It is a joy to see. 

- It has been so impressive to see your gains in self-discipline over the last 6 months.  I know you are still such a small girl but you are increasingly able to control your temper and carry out commands, even when they are not enthusiastically received.  That said, most of the time you are a willing helper but you do need routine and rhythm to keep you happy.  Rather like your Mama!  You are certainly a homebody, having very limited interest in attending  extra-curricular activities and even preschool is met with a "I'd rather stay home today".

It is so wonderful to hear you say "I love you" to me, because baby girl I love you very much too!  Happy 5th birthday

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