Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some Pretty Preppy Furniture

So long time no post (story of my blogistence!)....I have been lurking though and reading everyone else's posts....only I do this at work so I don't think posting or leaving comments is a good idea there...

So anyway, about two months ago my husband and I put in some furniture to have it reupholstered. We did it through a design shop in Bowral which is about an hour and a half from long drive to pick it up....the dogs and I had a road trip. Anyway the lady at the shop was really lovely the day we ordered....chatted to Ben about being in the army (apparently her son-in-law is ex special forces)... gave us lots of time to choose our fabrics. Anyhow, the toile fabric we picked was not cheap and she told us we needed two metres...which was duly ordered at considerable expense....but when I pick up my reupholstered chair only 1 metre has been used....a rather vast overestimate me thinks....for someone who does this kind of thing everyday...but anyway I do now have pretty furniture (and I can get something else reupholstered in the future....I just have to find a suitable piece).

Both chair and piano stool are currently residing in the living room as they are to pretty to cast away to their respective homes in bedroom and music room/ they are.....


  1. I love them! The fabric on the piano stool is gorgeous

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both items! Thye are out of this world cute! I adore your blog and so honored to have a blog friend whose husband is serving our country.