Saturday, September 27, 2008

On 6 weeks

Wow, it has been 6 weeks since I last posted... what a retrobate blogger I have been. Well, maybe a catch up post is appropriate today, and I will try to get back to more interesting posts tomorrow.

1. Our trip went really well. As expected the connection at KL didn't work out but we didn't let that put a dampner on things! Highlights included: high tea at Raffles (in Singapore) and at the Eastern and Oriental in Georgetown, a visit to a tropical fruit farm and the night safari at the Singapore Zoo. Of course, the best bit was getting to spend 2 whole weeks with my husband. Hope to post pictures tomorrow.

2. My Mummy came for a visit. She arrived the day after I got back from Singapore...we had a lovely time just spending some quiet time together.

3. My husband has got a posting to Melbourne for next year. Love that city. Not so keen on the accomodation arrangements Defence Housing is proposing. We move in November....our house is not available until February.

4. Number 3 means I need to find a new job. My current employer is only situated here in Sydney. They offered me a secondment to another organisation but, after a lot of soul searching I have decided to turn that one down. I have decided I want to work in a role which focuses on social welfare. So, I am hard at work on job applications.

5. I am trying to do a tax return. Or rather, get all the paperwork together so the accountant can do our tax return. This is considerably complicated by an investment property purchase during the year.

6. My husband gets back home next week... we are down to single digits! Am spending lots of time getting the house ready (have a fun craft project to show you) and get all his favourite foods in.

Life is always an adventure!


  1. Welcome back!! Love the new look for your blog and am glad you have had a good six weeks. That is so exciting your hubby returns next week!

  2. I am so jealous you'll be in Melbourne. I really miss that city!

  3. Sheesh! Your life really is an adventure. Glad you had a nice trip - I'm looking forward to your photos.