Sunday, September 28, 2008

On Our Trip

I promised pictures....but I am afraid I am little constrained by the fact that my husband has said I can't post any photos in which we appear and there seems to be at least one of us in most of our photos. Additionally, my husband has half the photos on his camera....and it is in Iraq. So, here is a taster and I will add more when he gets home - hopefully he has some in which we are absent.

Anyhow....while in Penang we spent a couple of days in the historic city of Georgetown. One day we took a special trip in to see the Blue Mansion...named for obvious reasons. Our tour guide was brilliant and showed us how the house had been designed to incorporate many elements of feng suei.

They were rebuilding one of the huts in the grounds of our hotel in Batu Ferengi, I found the process fascinating....

And now the photo shortage becomes evident....because we find ourselves in Singapore....visiting the Merlion.....defender of the city.

We went to Sentosa Island while we were in Singapore. One of the highlights there was a tour of Fort Siloso. Fort Siloso is where the British surrendered Singapore to the Japanese in WW2. The site has been really well done up. There are lots of interactive exhibits - you can even experience what it would have been like to have been a British soldier sent out to the colony in the 1870s. Anyway, so you don't have to trudge up the hill to the hitch a ride on this charming old lady.

We went to Jurong Bird Park on the far tip of the island. I will not go into details of how I got pooped on twice by birds....and how the second time my husband tried to pacify me by telling me that it was just a berry from the tree that had fallen on my head. Might I add both times he was standing next to not a drop fell on him.

Anyway, the bird park is brilliant and well worth the trek out - even if the birds have no bathroom training. They do really amazing bird shows - the photo below is from the Birds of Prey show. They even had a vulture (or, maybe it was another species) who would bang an egg with a rock to get it open. The only problem being that the bird is elderly, suffers from dementia and kept forgetting what it was supposed to be doing. Very amusing!

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