Saturday, November 1, 2008

On Ironing

I quite enjoy ironing. It is all about having the right frame of mind. It can be quite theraputic if the pile is not too large, you are not rushed and you have a good movie or TV show on. Sadly, have found that Gilmore Girls (my all time favourite TV show) doesn't work for this. The character speak too fast to catch all the dialogue if you are focussed on getting a particular crease out. TV shows that I have found do work well though are Spooks, Midsommer Murders and Army Wives (a new favourite). Listening to music, a radio interview or an audio book also increase the enjoyment factor. Unfortunately, I am yet to find a way to read a book and iron at the same time.

I am quite fastidious about things being ironed. There are five items which I insist on being ironed which my husband thinks I am nuts for even putting near the heat - pillow cases, tea towels, hankerchiefs, nightwear and around-the-house clothes. Consequently, I have to do them all, both his and mine, myself. At least they are all quick and easy to press.

A couple of weekends ago we went to our local fair and there was a lady selling handmade ironing board covers. I fell in love with one. My darling husband agreed to let me get it. It has dancing . costumes on the outside, is padded and lined with pink gingham and, is making ironing even more enjoyable!

For those who might be concerned. We actually have two ironing boards - this is a military family after all. My husband will continue to do his ironing on the one with the plain, blue cover!


  1. I don't think you're strange at all. But then I quite enjoy ironing too and I have to iron all the same things as you! I think the only things I don't iron are socks. I like to listen to the radio - a play or talk show, or to an audio book when I'm ironing. TV is a little more difficult as there are so many programmes where you have to look at the screen all the time or you miss what happens.

    I've never found such a lovely cover as your handmade one!

    If you find a way to read and iron at the same time do let me know.

  2. What a pretty ironing board cover.

    I hate to iron. Sorry. I try to never do it unless I have to. I even coherce my husband into ironing for me when we're going out.

  3. I am not much of an ironer, it gets left till way too late and the basket is about to topple over - However I love things which look good and that cover is gorgeous I WANT ONE!!!

  4. Hey, this is not strange at all - I only just read a BOOK today showing step by step how to to iron a shirt properly (it was from the 60s and they did things a lot more professionally back them)!! Super ironing borad cover - love tihngs like that!