Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On Being Connected at Last

Finally....we are connected to the internet. It only took Iprimus two months to work out what our connectivity problem was. Turns out they had failed to put the correct codes on the line. Oh well, alls well that ends well! Now I have to go back and complain that we have been charged for two month's connection when we, um, didn't have it.

I had grand plans to post pictures of some weekend cooking tonight but DH is on duty at the base until tomorrow morning and I can't work out what cord goes with the new camera. So, photos will have to wait for tomorrow night.

What to post on....

How about some fantastic Australian blogs I have recently found....ok by recently I mean last November, but anyway. Here they are full of crafty and sustainable living goodness. I get so inspired when I read these kind of blogs and I am always excited to find blogs being kept by other Australians. Two of these bloggers are even Melbournians.

Down to Earth
Blue Bird Makes Her Nest
Pigeon Pair

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