Saturday, October 2, 2010

Seven Little Australians

I have been watching the excellent TV adaptation of the Australian childrens' classic Seven Little Australians.

The series was filmed in 1973, but the new DVD release has been remastered by the National Archives of Australia.  I got my copy from the library.  There are 10 episodes in all.

The Woolcot Family

I remember reading the novel, by Ethel Turner, as a young child.  How I cried when Judy dies saving the General!  It is one of those novel moments I will never forget.  Seven Little Australians obviously dates from the era when children's stories didn't have to have a happy ending.  It was written in 1894.

Please don't send Judy away!

I post-date the original release of the series but I don't think it has dated at all.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And, yes, I cried in the final episode!

You can see some snippets from the series here.

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