Sunday, October 3, 2010

St Francis and the Rascal Dogs

Tomorrow is the feast day of St Francis of Assisi, so our church had a service today where you could bring your pets for a blessing.

My husband told me not to take our dogs.  My mother told me not to take our dogs.  They had a point, our dogs are rather anti-social beings.  Right up until last night I was not going to take the dogs.

But this morning, I decided I couldn't let the dogs go unblessed.  So, I took our dogs AND Ginger by myself. 
Monty (white) and Abby (tan)
It is raining and foggy here, so by the time we reached the church door both dogs were covered in red mud.  Abby was actually much better behaved than usual.  She was quite the sweetie and very lady like as we made our way to the front of the church - we always run late.  Incidentally, have you noticed the walk of shame all latecomers are subjected to, the only seats left are always at the front of the church. 

But Monty, oh my, he barked and huffed through everything.  Fortunately one of the other parishners took Ginger for me as I had my hands full with Monty.  I held him in a death grip for the entire service.  One, to keep the mud off my clothing (semi-successful) and two, to stop him attacking every other dog in sight.  He rather has a Napoleon complex.

As soon as the service ended we were out of there.  No coffee and cake for us today.  Everyone I passed told me how brave I was to bring both the dogs and baby by myself.  I don't know if brave is the word I would use.  More like crazy.  But, the dogs did get their blessing, as did the sleeping Ginger and as for me, I missed out on Communion!

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