Friday, May 27, 2011

For a Laugh

I am sitting here reading my blogroll with the sun warming my back, the fire crackling beside me and rows of simple knitting being worked and I feel contentment wash over me.  Needle in.  This is my life now. Round goes the wool.  I set my own pace.  Slip the stitch off. I take breaks when I want them (Ginger permitting - she currently naps).  A row forms.  I make the measure of my day. 

Trips away - seeing how others live - sometimes breeds discontentment (sometimes it enhances contentment too but that is a story for another day!).  Ingratitude has been my week.  Normally I am grateful for the possibilities my life has given me, but sometimes that little green monster rises - I wish?  I want?

Two days at home centering and I feel at peace again.  Gratitude for what I do have - faith, family and shelter.  'Things' slowly lose their appeal.  This is my life and I am determined to be present and satisfied.

*Please excuse my absence for the last few weeks they have been hectic with cross country travel.  Over 8500 km travelled in the space of 5 days with a 14 month old.

**I just had to share this animation from playschool.  It has been shown a couple of times this week and has had me in hysterics - I love the purple frog falling off the lillypad.  Ginger sings the "da de das" along which is too cute.  It is an oldie but a goodie - made in the mid 1990s. You may need to follow the link as I can't get the picture any bigger.

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