Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The kettle doth sing...

I was going to title this post Monday Miscellany but then, I realised it was Tuesday and I had just been thrown out by yet another Monday public holiday!

Ginger was up bright and early today as her Daddy made a rather large amount of noise trying to sneak out of the house at 4:30 this morning.  He is out field for the next couple of weeks.  I did the sums this morning - at 4:30 while I lay in bed with Ginger crawling all over me.  By the end of this exercise DH will have been away for 5 months of Ginger's 13 months of life.  Not for anything as exciting (or at least fiscally rewarding) as a deployment but just for run of the mill exercises and courses.  Sometimes it feels like he misses so much.

Incidentally, those overalls were mine as a bub
In other news I just took a huge swath of paint off the side of our car parking in our garage.  So, I think most of Ginger's nap - once I finish this - will be spent on the phone to touch-up paint contractors.  This is the second time I have done it in 4 months.  At least it was the same spot, and we hadn't had the first incident repaired yet.

Ginger has crashed after swimming this morning.  She does love her swimming.  Mama also feels exhausted between that, the early start and the two wake-ups in the night.  I was going to post a picture of her swimming but realise they also feature me, so that is not going to happen.

In the interest of actually providing something worth reading to those have persevered this far, I present a round-up of some blog posts I have enjoyed in the last couple of days:

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Now away, to wash bathers, and hang towels to dry!

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