Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Links: King James and the Quakers

We celebrated 400 years of the King James version of the bible at church this morning.  Many of the congregation had brought in their family bibles for the occasion.  Our rector read us the preface of the original: plenty of buttering up the King to ensure its publication and, a reminder of what a difference it would make for men to hear it in their own language "But how shall men meditate in that, which they cannot understand? How shall they understand that which is kept close in an unknown tongue?"

You can read it in full here.

Another fun discovery this week was Quaker Cottage - the blog of a traditional Quaker wife, mother and homemaker.  My Mum's parents were both raised as Quakers (my great-grandfather went to Ackworth School) but had left the church by the time she was born.  I am enjoying learning more about my heritage.

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  1. So cool that you know that bit of family history and have a chance to look into it.

    I'd never looked at the King James introduction before - my goodness!