Friday, October 14, 2011

A to Z of me

I saw this over on BLD in Montana and I thought it would be fun to give it a go.

A=Age; 27

B=Bed size; Queen.  We bought a new bed in Melbourne but it has really come time to replace the mattress - which bought off a family friend when we got married.  A spring has sprung so to speak, so there is some competition over who has what side of the mattress. I seem to get it more often than not, as DH asserts he is considerably heavier than I so it digs into him more:)

C=Chore that you hate; vacuuming.  Absurd, I know, but it always takes me so long. 

D=Dogs; Two, small fluffy things.

E=Essential start to you day; a shower and clean hair!  I am a little obsessive about the latter.

F= Favourite colour; Apple green 

G=Gold or silver; Gold

H= Height; 168cm or 5 ft 6 in.

I=- Instruments you play; Piano and Euphonium; though since I haven't played the latter since I left school my competency is questionable.

J=Job title; Stay-at-home Mum.

K-Kids; one.

L=Live; Toowoomba, but very shortly that will be Darwin.

M=Mother's name; hmm, not really my information to share.

N=Nickname; None.  My mum and dad utilised their combined (at the time) 40 odd years of teaching to come with a name that does not lend itself to being shortened.  My mum always calls me Possum Magic (after the Mem Fox story) though.

O=Overnight hospital stays; one as a baby for plastic surgery after I cut my face open falling out of my parents bed (the plastic surgeon was one of my Dad's former students - Perth is a small place) and I had a few nights when Ginger was born.

P=Pet peeves; people making social arrangements (or discussing events that have occurred) in front of people they have no intention of inviting.

Q=Quotes from a film;  goodness, I am not much of a film buff - but "Tell him his dreaming" from The Castle makes me laugh.

R=Right or left handed; Right.

S= Siblings; Only child.

T=Time you wake up; usually 6:15  - that is when Ginger stirs because DH turns on the shower.  DH has usually been up for an hour or so getting some study done.

U=Underwear; Really?  Lets find another 'U' word - university.  I am very glad I went even if I am not using my knowledge at the moment.

V=Vegetable I hate:  eggplant.  I can tolerate it in Moussaka but nothing else.

W=What makes you run late; hmm, running 5 minutes early and thinking I can just squeeze in one more job before I go.

X=Xrays you've had; ankle (age 4), dental, pregnancy scans - I can't really think.  Oh, I had one done on my foot when I fractured a bone at ballet.

Y=Yummy food that you make; lemon cake and molasses cookies.  They are definitely favourites around here.

Z=Zoo animals;
I love the orangutans.  Ginger has never been to the zoo so we are planning a trip to Singapore Zoo when we go up to visit my in-laws in December.


  1. "W" made me laugh. Lemon cake sounds delicious!

    Borrowing this list to re-use :).

  2. Thank you for changing the U!

  3. How fun! I loved learning about YOU!

  4. Your reason for being late happens to me too!

    I just learned I rather love eggplant this summer.

    And I know, underwear?! Who chose that?! I suppose I am too by-the-rules as it never occurred to me to change it! I like university better. And I bet you are using knowledge gained at university even if your current job doesn't require a degree.

  5. RE: your comment, I know exactly what you mean about not buying more books! Too bad about the libraries being so determinedly secular. You'll have to tell them to get rid of their classics - far too much faith going on in Dickens, Trollope, Dante, Defoe, etc. What about the minds that might be secretly influenced! :-P. Our library has a fair number of Christian books, but often not the particular one I'm looking for.

    The Bonhoeffer biography was a gift from my parents to Carl while he was deployed and it's an addiction slowly making its way through the whole family - she couldn't put it down, then he devoured it, then he sent a copy to his Dad, and now I've been going through in bits and pieces since August. It's always fun to watch a book's trail as it passes from person to person.