Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blue and Green

Toowoomba seems to be swathed in a sea of blue and green at the moment.  Everywhere Jacaranda trees are in full bloom and our yard, like so many others, is awash with agapanthus.

Growing up I heard horror stories about how agapanthus' attract snails.  My grandmother's neighbour had planted them on their common fenceline.  I must say, however, we haven't noticed an excess of snails and I think the punch of colour is delightful.  We actually went into a cafe in Ipswich a week or so back and saw a vase full of them - what a great idea.

Blue has also infiltrated the house with a beautiful new vase, a christmas/birthday gift from my dear friend, hand delivered on Friday night.  Of course, my best friend accompanied it and we had the pleasure of her company for the weekend.  I have filled it with Peruvian lilies Mr Provincial got at the markets on Sunday.

Unfortunately, illness also made it into the house with Ginger and I succumbing to Summer colds on Friday.  We are much better now, I just have no voice.  I am having to communicate with Ginger in a stage whisper which is fine at home but a pain when we are out.  Mr Provincial seems to have picked up the baton though, so hopefully he only gets a mild dose as there is much to do in the garden this coming weekend in preparation for moving out Monday.

We continue to clean out and have finally switched off our second fridge.  Ginger rather liked it when I took out all the components to wash them.  Apparently it made a good cubby house.

I also just have to mention the most amazing spider web in our front yard.  The web itself was beautiful, covered in rain drops, but the engineering was amazing.  The spider had literally spun a 3 metre long thread from the garage to the start of the web.


  1. Ginger is so cute in the cubby!
    Wow! it's so nice to see flowers! Thank you!
    I'm excited for you, having a change and all.

  2. Would it be irreverant in the face of so much beauty, human and otherwise, to say how much I like your ironing board cover?! It's just that ironing is a bit of a thing for me just now!! Hello from (sometimes tearful) Strawberry Land- deep beginning of winter here, I'm afraid!

  3. This resulted in a google search for images of Jacaranda trees - gorgeous!

    I also wanted to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award to you:

    I know you're more than crazy busy with moving cross-country and traveling for Christmas, so no response expected - just thought your blog deserved the award! Hope you're having a wonderful Advent.