Friday, January 20, 2012

On My Mind - Mending

On my mind this Friday morning is mending.  Three of my four delicates bags suffered catastrophic holes in the week leading up to us leaving Queensland.  The consequence being that they dispel your 'delicates' mid wash. 

They have given us good service, as all have been in use since I left home six years ago.  Initially I thought I would just replace them when I got up here.  But yesterday I got to thinking - I put my Nanna hat on - that my Grandmothers' certainly wouldn't have thrown out something as mundane and prosaic as a delicates bag just because of a few holes; they would have mended them.  So, I did just that.  I stitched back up the holes.  Some of these bags have been mended multiple times now so they don't look pretty, but really who sees your delicates bags except you!  They will continue to serve their function just a while longer, and in the meantime that is money in the bank for us.


  1. Well certainly pays to mend those holes...i have been throwing mine into the wash as my bags have holes and haven't had a chance to mend them...instead i had to mend my bras after the underwire burst through seams! i have learnt my lesson so had to smile when i saw your post!

  2. Smart! The other day one of my students borrowed the little sewing kit I have at school. She stitched up her bag very swiftly! I was impressed!

  3. My mending tends to pile up a bit - but lately I've been making myself get to it. It's a good thing to do! :)