Thursday, January 12, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} - Darwin Edition

Ah, it is lovely to be settled down into our new posting location of Darwin.  It is meant to be the wet season but we have had no rain as yet.  We have been in our house a week now and we got rid of the last boxes yesterday, along with a few items to the tip and and a couple of boxes of belongings to the charity shop.  

Our house here in Darwin is much nicer than we thought was possible for a Defence House and we feel like we have made a lot of progress over the last week in getting everything into place.  It is a bit tighter squeeze with the new baby on the way and us losing the spare room (aka dumping ground) and so we have a pile of stuff to sell on Ebay of the next couple of months.  It feels good to start the new year with a clean out though!

So, onto Like Mother, Like Daughter's {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} - I am so excited to be able to join in again.

Lovely tropical flowers (the variety of which I have no idea) picked up last weekend at Parap Markets.  We also got the most amazing tropical fruit - the papaya was to die for.  Unfortunately all eaten by now, so no photos this week!


To be at the stage of being able to primp some corners of my home, the hard slog of unpacking is over.


Ginger has become quite the little madam about getting dressed in the morning.  We have about five changes of outfit and lots of tears and squealing!  This morning she wanted to put her dress on all by herself - as you can see she hasn't worked out the armholes, the whole ensemble is inside out and she still has her pj shorts on.


There is, cough, a certain room in the house which is looking a little less polished than the others.  Our baby boy's room.  All I can say is he better hold his horses - Mummy and Daddy are working on it.  Now if we could only find somewhere to put all Ginger's toys.  And, I could get round to ironing that paper I salvaged from the packing boxes for Ginger's painting......


  1. So nice to see a post from you in my google reader this morning! Your new home is shaping up beautifully. Love Ginger's expression in the dress photo... sort of an "um, not sure what happened here" look.

  2. Wow, those flowers look almost unreal to me! Beautiful! And how lovely to get to that stage of unpacking - good luck with your unfinished corners :)

  3. Wonderful! What a sweetie.

  4. Oh, it's SO nice to hear from you! I breathed a sigh of relief looking at your house pictures. I'm so glad all is well. You take care of your good self, putting your feet up and all, okay?
    Ginger is growing!

  5. I love when they dress themselves - so cute!

  6. I have heard little girls have many costume changes in their days. Right now my three year old just wants to wear his same red pants everyday - even to bed!

  7. I'm impressed with how much unpacking you have done. Our last move was nearly 4 months ago and there is a storage room in the basement with far too many boxes in it. Keep up the good work!

  8. Packing/unpacking= my least favorite. You are doing so well! And of course, I love the owl vase! :)

  9. Oh congratulations on the baby boy - soldiers aren't good at making boys!! My best Army wife is up there, she's a COW (CO's wife) & just bought a house in the city, she must be up to house 15 or higher by now!! Oh easily, she was married at 18 so followed him all the way from Duntroon.
    You live in a neat area, a Navy wife friend is in your neighbourhood & has moved her children to the Steiner school, she's so excited about it.
    I miss Darwin, always will. Loved our experiences there, so happy, like a non stop holiday & amazing weather. The city is so amazing, we just put our apartment on the market, sigh, but all part of the bigger plan to exit from Defence Housing.
    I do have to say, i loved our high set house in Winnellie, the children could ride & roller blade all day in the rain. Happy memory building, especially the fact your new baby will have "Darwin NT" on his passport, we always get comments at Customs about our children being born in an interesting city. Love Posie