Thursday, February 9, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} - Ginger Edition

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter for this weekly tradition of celebrating the ordinary.

Largely because Ginger and I have spent most of the week at home, this week's photos all seem to be about her;)  Did I mention yet that our second car is stranded by this.  The road has reopened but the rail link will not be up for several more weeks.  Consequently, if I need the car Ginger and I have a double run out to the barracks with Mr Provincial.  The run disturbs both her morning wake-up and her nap.  So, if I can avoid it, I am trying not to go out during the day so Mr Provincial can take the car. 


Mr Provincial came back from the market with this single, stunning flower.


One nap time; one project.  Finally a project I can tick of the to-do list. A mexican oil cloth cover for a booster seat we are using so Ginger can reach the table.


These are Ginger's 'eyes'.  She just loves them.  Since she wouldn't wear her baby bans anymore we let her pick a pair at the cancer council.  These are what she picked.  We can't go anywhere without her asking for "my eyes".

They are so big for her that it cracks me up every time she wears them.  And yes, they made an appearance at the breakfast table.


Since 'helping' Daddy with a construction project a few weekends ago Ginger has been obsessed with tools.  I dug out the tool apron and plastic tools from my childhood.  I am glad to see them enjoyed by a second generation.


  1. Very clever conversion of a carseat!

  2. What gorgeous that you can reuse your own toolset etc! And i really like your carseat cover, really great idea, i love the mexican oilcloth prints!
    Ginger's 'eyes' cracked me can tell she loves them!

  3. They can be so funny at this age! My little one is almost 21 months too. She moved out of her highchair into a booster seat at the table a little while ago, but now she's going through this funny mix of being extra clingy and extra independent at the same time, and some days she will only eat if she is sitting in one of the big chairs like us!

  4. I love the cool shades! And that is a great use of the booster seat!

  5. Hi PH!
    You are such a fantastic mother! Brace yourself for an amazing journey through childhood and school! Ginger is sure to be a genius! She already is!

  6. Oh is that from Parap Markets?? That was my favourite as i was more into the food than the made in Bali wares. I loved their flowers!! I embraced walking around Darwin, just schedule in extra showers at random times of the day!! Love Posie

  7. Good job with the seat! And, the shades - hilarious.

  8. What a clever idea transforming the car seat into a seat for the dinner table. I hope the flooding improves quickly so you get your other car back soon.