Friday, February 17, 2012

Writing Poetry

I am not much of a poet.  Correction.  I am not a poet.  At all.  At school I hated having to write poetry, or short stories.  Give me an essay any day!

But, I just found an enabling link to write my own poem.  It is a lot of fun and takes just a few moments of your time.  Do try it. Via Bentlily.

Here is mine:

I used to worry I was introspective
I used to believe life was demanding
I used to wish I was confident

Then one day
I looked out my window
and saw a cloud
a grey
perfect cloud.

I nearly choked
on the epiphany
we arrive inside
an envelope
of bones
there is nothing to be done
about this
so fill it with calmness
let it brim
with faith.


  1. How beautifully that turned out. Just tried the link - it's fun!

  2. PH! I really like your poem! Going over there now! LOVE!

  3. I like your poem; it sounds like fun.

  4. That really is lovely to read and very clever! I'm more an essay person too although i can't seem to shut up once i start and always went over word you can probably tell from my posts and comments, lol!!!

  5. I do love to read poetry and you've created a beautiful one there. :)

  6. That's lovely & perfectly poetical. I'd rather poetry to essays, i never liked writing long pages & found poetry more floaty & fun. That said, English was my worst subject & find it fascinating when my children do poetry at school - they all say the same thing - "Mum, it doesn't have to rhyme", love Posie

  7. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for your kind words of support they were truly appreciate. Have a lovely week. x