Monday, March 5, 2012

February in Photos

I am sitting here on the couch trying to pinpoint exactly how February managed to pass me by with barely any posts.  It is not that there hasn't been a fair bit of crafting around these parts; blogging material for sure.  Or, was it the crafting that stopped the blogging?  It certainly didn't halt the blog reading; so perhaps that is the true answer.  Thoughts to ponder.

Anyway, I did quite a bit of crafting for Valentine's day.   Our actual celebration itself was relatively low key - just our planned dinner and The Pioneer Woman's Sheet Cake.  Oh my - you must make it.  I used the leftover icing as an icecream sauce; it was that good.  Sorry to tempt you during Lent:)

From The Children's Year

My garland cut from Ginger's artwork - this is my favourite heart.

A felt heart garland.  Again, from The Children's Year.

A love bird made for all my loves - this one is for baby boy!  Of course, he didn't join us. But I thought it best to be prepared.

Ginger and I made playdough and it got a lot of use through the month.  When she wants to play with it now Ginger says she wants to do "rolling" - obviously referring to the rolling pin with which she is very impressed.

And, what took me most of the month and the project afterwhich I am vowing never to again buy cheap synthetic batting.  The money you save is more than offset by the amount of time you spend digging fibres out of your sewing machine.

One of our friends is going on a mission trip to Thailand and has said she will go and visit our Compassion child.  So I made our little girl a quilt, and put together a bag of school supplies and clothing.  I also couldn't resist making a package up for her older brother - I didn't want him to feel left out. I had a little more difficulty in doing his as I am not entirely sure how old he is.  Bee, being our sponsor child, I know all the details for.  Boss, I just have to infer on from previous correspondence.


  1. Looks like you have been very busy....well worth the blogging lapse i would say!!What beautiful valentine's creations you made for the family!

  2. You sure have been very busy crafting up a storm there. I often feel sometimes that if I kept away from the computer a bit more I would get so much more achieved and it is such a nice feeling creating. Those little birds are so cute, you are very thoughtful and have gone to so much effort to celebrate Valentines Day. What a beautiful quilt you've made and what a very lucky girl to cuddle up with this quilt. :) Thank you for your kind words. x

  3. Hello PH!
    You've been making LOTS of pretty things! How's that baby bump? Ginger and homemade play dough makes me want to make some.
    Thanks for the details for The Grand Tour. It may take months for them to arrive in your land, but they shall come. Promise!

  4. What a wonderful thing, to make a quilt for that child, and something for her brother!