Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Keep Calm, Craft On: Birthday Crown

Apologies (once again) for absence from these parts.  Just two weeks before her second birthday Ginger is busy cutting her two year old molars.  And, while we have not been having the night wakings that accompanied earlier teeth arrivals she has been one clingy bub during the day. 

Also, Mr Provincial is back at university and has the computer mornings and evenings, leaving me only Ginger's naptime to post.  Frankly, at 8 months pregnant I have been taking that time to nap too:) Oh, and lastly we are weaning Ginger from TV.  She has only ever really watched one playschool episode a weekday, but lately she has been asking to turn the TV on.  Mummy had a little freak out; so the TV is out of bounds for the moment.  We are a week into the new regime, and all is going well but there goes that useful half hour of tidying or blogging time.  I know as her imaginative play develops I will win back that time many times over, but the beginning stages are tough.

Anyway, I have found time to finish Ginger's birthday crown.  Finally.  Just a year late.  I have a reveal of her birthday presents, which are also homemade, coming later in the week.  I used Nicole's tutorial, which was really simple.  Did learn something too - did you know in Australia you can label something as wool felt even if it is not 100 per cent wool.  Not overly happy Jan (sorry, old yellow pages ad reference there

I used a card Ginger got from her Godmother at her baptism as inspiration.
Pom Pom asked for an update re baby boy.  He is doing well and has dropped down, currently on my right side (the midwife thinks he is actually pinching a nerve or something because I have cramps in that leg every night but none on my left).  He is a little on the small side.  At 35 weeks, I have a fundal measurement of 31 weeks.  But at least he has grown.  On my preceding two visits, a fortnight apart, he didn't grow at all - while the midwife was really calm about it and said he could just be tightly curled (and they would do a scan if he still hadn't grown this visit), I had an apprehensive couple of weeks. Heartbeat is strong as usual and he gives good kicks so I know pretty regularly that he is alright:)

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  1. Hi PH!
    Oh, poor Ginger with the teeth-getting. Ouch! Good for you, turning off the television. You're a good mum!
    The crown is lovely! I want to make one!
    Bless you as you carry your baby boy. I will say a prayer for your little darling and YOU! Do put your feet up and rest when you can! Oh, prayers for Ginger and her sweet teeth, too!