Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Homemade English Muffins

One of the doyens of the Australian cookery scene is Stephanie Alexander.  In her epic A-Z of ingredients recipe book The Kitchen Companion she gives her basic (and highly forgiving) recipe for American style muffins and writes "English-style muffins are flattish yeast buns intended to be split, toasted and buttered.  They are available everywhere one buys bread".

Shame on you Stephanie, they are also very easy to make at home.  I made our first batch using the breadmaker and this recipe on the weekend.  And they are in a class of their own - while you can clearly identify that they are English Muffins they have a much better flavour than the supermarket versions and, not all the added ingredients.  Is there anyone else that gets uneasy when they read ingredient lists on packets?  It doesn't always stop me buying a product but it certainly makes me uncomfortable.

Our breadmaker is proving its value day after day.  I have ummed and ahhed over making its purchase for so many years; and while I did  make bread by hand it was highly supplemented by bought loaves.   The breadmaker is making sure everything is happening at home.  By far the best price we could find was on Powerbuys.  I have to say their customer service was excellent.

And, Ginger is loving the boxes.  Here she is reading "Jack" in one of her boxes.


  1. I'd take a freshly baked home English muffin over a commercially made one. Mmmm. Love Posie

  2. Thanks for the entry into my giveaway, good luck!! Totally agree, mine did run free barefoot but not as babies, Nightcliff Gardener's Disease was rife in the late 1990's when we first moved to Darwin, plus i got bitten by bugs so many times, just safer with shoes on the children. Love Posie