Thursday, November 15, 2012


Joining LMLD for PHFR


Ginger is looking 'too cool for school' in the rainbow dress and beads Grandma sent down from Singapore.

She even found a book to co-ordinate with the outfit.


A few months ago I was doing research into dyslexia and its inheritability.  There is clear indicativity that it is strongly inheritable.  A Father with severe (but largely overcome) dyslexia puts our kids in a very high risk category.

Like any Mother, I decided act on this news.

I got in touch with Ginger's godmothers - speech therapists both.  

The consensus was that early and wide exposure to the sounds of phonics are the best preventative measure I can put in place.  Phonics being extremely difficult for Dyslexics to 'hear'.

And, of course we continue to send prayers that neither child will be affected.

In my travels I constantly came upon recommendations for the phonics programme Jolly Phonics.

Then a blogger whose wisdom and discernment I trust - Mama UK - mentioned that she had used it in teaching her kids to read.

I am in no way seeking to teach reading at this stage, but I think the musicality of the program makes it great for really young children.

And Ginger loves it.

We have been working on book one for a while now, about five minutes a day, a couple of times a week.  Ginger loves to sing the song "S, S, Snake in the grass"

The other day at the supermarket while we were waiting at the deli counter Ginger pointed out the "T" in FETTA which scrawled on the deli glass.

It made me so HAPPY.


Tom Kitten has been crawling almost 6 weeks now, and I am ending up with all those photos snapped just as he reaches the camera.


Tis mango season here in the NT.

And in the interest of preserving the bounty into the future we decided to buy a dehydrator.

Turns out dehydrating mangoes is actually a lot of work.

It took me literally a whole day of work to fill the dehydrator.

Because no sooner do I peel a mango and get my hands sticky than I have a child begged to be picked up, or I have to go and monitor the fragile truce that exists between a toddler and a crawling baby!

And, that dehydrator is huge!  Reading dimensions on an internet site would probably have been a good idea.


  1. Again, you are such a GREAT mummy!
    Mango chips = WANT SOME!
    Tom Kitten is growing so fast! Wow!

  2. Oh gosh dried mango is the best! I just love mango season.

  3. Ginger has style!

  4. I love that first pic of Ginger...beautiful dress and beads! Interesting reading about the glad she is enjoying it...what a great moment picking out the T!!!Love the cheeky look from your crawler!!x