Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Willows come to stay

The Willows have arrived from Pom Pom's blog via Quilter Liz in Victoria.

It has been a long journey for them, and to quote Prince Charles on his visit to Australia last week, they are "so jetlagged that they are a few snags short of a BBQ"!

Fearful that their tiredness may have left them vulnerable to illness, the quarantined themselves for a few days while the rest of the household was sick.  But, word is, they are out and about now.

Of course like all houseguests we had to make them feel welcome with hugs and kisses on their arrival!

Then it was on to explore the facilities.  Toad availed himself of some four-wheeled transportation.  Watch out Toady, your last adventure on the road did not end well.

Ratty decided to give some tropical fruit a try.  It is mango madness here in NT at the moment.  Mangoes galore in our house too.  Ratty thought some of these might just about be big enough for him.

Mole thought that the tropical blooms currently on the sideboard would be worth an explore.  One can never tell where one will find a setting which co-ordinates so well with one's striking orange bloom!

Greater adventures planned for coming weekend, there may even be crocodiles involved.  Ratty and Mole a little nervous but Toad full of his usual bravado.


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  2. Hooray! I love the photos, Sarah! Tom Kitten is giving them such precious love! Don't they just match up with the fruit? I'm smiling and smiling! Even Mole's smeared self (from lying upon a wet street in Belfast) blends with Australian fruit and makes him look adorable!
    Thank you so much, busy mum, for joining with Mags and I to keep the Grand Tour SO very grand!

  3. Hi Sarah, and beautiful child, and boys! Everyone looks as if they are settling in nicely. I'm getting very emotional as the Tour comes to a close, especially looking at rain smudged Mole! Thank you so much for being one of the finale hostesses- I'm looking forward to reading more!

  4. What lovely photos, esp the welcome kiss.

  5. Tropical flowers are very exciting in your part of the world - looking forward to seeing a bit more. Betty

  6. Have fun with the boys! They'll love your tropical home since they'll probably return home to SNOW in colorful Colorado! Looking forward to more adventures!