Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pretty Happy Funny Real - Christmas

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter for the weekly celebration of the ordinary.


I love getting out all our treasured Christmas decorations and making the house shine.

The Christmas pyramid that reminds us of our time posted to Toowoomba, living down the road from the German Cuckoo Clock Shop. 

The nativity scene waiting for baby Jesus.  We have checked out a good number of crib scenes around Darwin - at our church, and at both the Anglican and Catholic cathedrals.

 The quilted nativity scene from our time in Toowoomba.  One of those crafts that I tired of while I was completing it, but am now so glad I persevered to see it through.

 A delightful package from my Christmas decoration swap partner, a hessian rose. 

And favourite oldies...

And, of course we love digging out the Christmas books.  The Christmas Book by Dick Bruna is a treasure, but unfortunately now out of print.  It tells the Christmas story beautifully.


This is the first year Ginger has really understood what the Christmas stocking and parcels are about.  Tom Kitten slept in Christmas morning so Ginger got to unpack her stocking by herself before we went to Church. The dolls house was the present from us, but obviously it was just a little difficult to wrap.   She knew exactly what the dolls in her stocking were for.


Since Tom Kitten showed more interest in Ginger's doll's house and dolls than his own presents, Ginger evidently decided to help him unpack his stocking.  Particularly funny, since I didn't even notice until I loaded the photos onto the computer. Dare I say, I was a little preoccupied in the kitchen!

As is typical the shiny paper had more appeal than the present itself.

Mum's lap for a snuggle is much more valued than any present in the world.

Ginger was pretty impressed with the box filled with the paper for recycling.  At least the doll she got from her Godmother made it in too!  I am told that what you can see is baby in bed:)


As is typical my procrastination ensured good intentions remained just that for our St Lucia day celebrations.  I finished Ginger's St Lucia crown the day after the feast day.  In part this was caused by procrastination but developing golfer's elbow (according to the physio) blanket stitching all those leaves did not help me much either*. 

Oh well, next year it will be ready!  Perhaps I should make a start on the dress... then there is a chance it will actually be completed in time.

*I used a styrofoam wreath wrapped in felt for the base.  Then traced a leaf (from the tree outside) onto green felt for the leaves.  Each leaf is two pieces of felt blanket stitched together and then the vein was chain stitched on.  I made the candles by rolling cheap acrylic felt until stiff and then wrapping it in my nice wool felt.  I cheated for the red felted balls and bought them online!  If I had made them by hand the wreath still would not be finished.


  1. I really enjoyed all of your 'pretty,happy,funny,real'. I especially love the Christmas Pyramid. Your St. Lucia crown is exactly what I'm looking for, thank you for sharing directions!

  2. Your quilted nativity is nice! Very unusual.

  3. A great record of many cute Christmas doings! Ginger in that box is a real treasure!