Thursday, January 10, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}


It was my birthday last weekend. We went out for breakfast at the Cornucopia Cafe at the Darwin Museum and Art Gallery.  Anyone with young children, sans the necessary babysitter, knows that breakfast or morning tea is by far the most enjoyable meal to have out with them.  We opted for breakfast as it is over twelve months since we have eaten it out, and we both had a hankering for hollandaise sauce (our homemade efforts having been unsuccessful).

We had a beautiful view of Darwin Harbour and the Beagle Gulf. 

Ginger enjoyed watching the ships heading out to sea.  See the navy ship off to patrol our borders!

Mr Provincial and I got our hollandaise hit!  

Eggs Benedict for me, and Eggs with smoked trout for him.  

Ginger thoroughly enjoyed her Mango and Coconut bread and even asked, when she had two squares left and was clearly struggling, "can you wrap it up so I can take it away". Ah Ginger, your maternal Grandmother would be proud.


I asked Mr Provincial if he could get a photo of the children and I together.  Fun!  This was the best we did.  Note Ginger's fake smile and Tom Kitten gazing off into the distance.


You have to love opening presents with young children around.  While Tom Kitten munched the wrapping paper, Ginger unwrapped all my parcels.  

She then declared that she would like to have her birthday "on Tuesday" (her reference to anything in the near future) and that Mummy and Daddy would need to wrap presents for her.  Hard luck Ginger, you will have to wait for April to turn 3!


My request for my birthday, in addition to breakfast out, was for a trip to the op-shop at Nightcliff Uniting Church.  In my personal opinion it is the best in Darwin; having reasonably priced stock - books for 50c to $1 compared to $4 or $5 in the mainstream op-shops.  Unfortunately it is only open for a couple of hours Friday evening and Saturday morning.  Mr Provincial is a little less enthusiastic op-shopper than I but he very kindly watched the children while I browsed.

The Church runs a cafe called Frillies (for reasons which soon become apparent) when the Op-shop is open and Mr Provincial took advantage of having the camera in the car to capture some of the resident Frill-necked lizards and other reptilia.


  1. Happy Birthday! That breakfast looks delicious!

  2. Wow, look at those lizards! Your little girl's patch work dress is darling!

  3. What a great post, PH!
    Happy birthday! I like the lizards and the picture of you and the children is precious!
    Your breakfast = fantastic.

  4. Happy Birthday! Love the lizard pics!

  5. Happy very belated birthday! Just catching up on some phfr posts :) I love Ginger's dress in these photos!