Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Homegrown Frugalities Week Beginning 22 March 2015

Helping to make pikelets

Sunday afternoon tea - Ginger commented on how much she liked the tablecloth and china!

Enjoying a library book with all 3 children - the bump is making itself felt!
Harvested potatoes and tomatoes from the garden.  I made the tomatoes into soup using homemade chicken stock, from a chicken I had roasted the week before.

Picked up a handful of useful clearance item:
muffin pans (50c for 50), 
-4 sippy cups for the new baby at half price ($4.50 each) - great because these always go moldy in the straws and need to be tossed
-Children's suncream(has a 2017 expiry)
-2 x 400g honey bottles reduced to $1.34 each!
-Some clearance stationery.  In particular Faber Castell crayons ($2.65), Faber Castell pencils ($1.85) and a 12 pk of oil pastels ($2.50) which the kids have had a blast with.  Actually, I might dig out the pastels again for the kids after preschool today!
-A packet of nursing pads for $2.50 (reduced from $10) - I was excited to find that as I have just started stocking my hospital bag for the baby and this was on the list.  I normally use reusable fabric nursing pads but when I first have a baby I have a lot of milk so they are not an option!

I got a raincheck for pregnancy multi-vitamins which were advertised at half-price but my Woolworths didn't stock.

Made our own ant-rid using a combination of warm water, borax and sugar.  I will post soon about the efficacy of that particular solution (LOL).

Made bread.

Repaired a skirt of Ginger's.

Gratefully received 2 x 500ml bottles of sunscreen.

Took Tom Kitten to a free music time at our library on the day Ginger is at preschool but he is not.

Stumbled across 3 wooden bowls on clearance at the op shop for $1 each.  I have been on the hunt for so long for them to do a water play activity with the kids.  Also found two hand knitted jumpers for the kids (1 each) both priced at $4.

The kids borrowed a supply of DVDs from the library to enjoy while Ginger nursed an ear infection.  The supply of medicine we had to purchase was not so frugal, nor will the referral to see an ENT specialist about having grommets inserted likely prove so!

Mr Provincial and I had a date night to watch The Guns of Navarone also borrowed from the library.

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  1. These are such good lists of the little frugalities that really add up! I get new ideas whenever I see your lists - it never occurred to me to ask a store for a raincheck on an out-of-stock sale item.

    Seeing you mention The Guns of Navarone brings back so many memories - my brothers and I watched that one over and over again growing up (we were big classic WWII movie fans), and it was fun to introduce my husband to it after our marriage. What did you think of Downton Abbey Season 4? We really enjoyed the first and second season, but were less excited about the third and couldn't decide whether to commit the time to the next one.