Monday, May 31, 2010

A New Mum's lifesavers

While not yet ready to be dispensing sage advice like a seasoned mother, 2 months of being a mum seems an appropriate juncture to identify my current baby sanity savers!

If you are traditional cloth nappying......the snappi-nappy. It replaces the nappy pin and is so easy to apply. About, $5 at Coles.

If your baby insists on being held....all the time....the ergo baby carrier. It leaves your hands free to get on with some of the necessities of life. Mommy Coddle brought them to my attention. And they are brilliant. I can highly recommend the Australian stockists Babes in Arms. They got it to me overnight, and we are out in the country. If you purchase the insert for it you can use it with a newborn. Baby girl always looks so snug cocooned in it and settles almost immediatly.

If, like baby girl, your baby wants to sit up and see everything....the Mother's Choice BabyCino bouncer. Target has these marked down at the moment.

And, if you want to get smiles out of your baby....a $1.50 bottle of bubble blowing formula.

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