Friday, May 14, 2010

Time for Centering

This early morning was a time for centering.

Time to take a break from the ever-present nappy buckets and washing pile.
Time to enjoy the crisp Autumn weather.
Time to hit the dirt track for a walk with baby girl and the dogs.

Time to take in the breath-taking scenery of the distant ranges.

Time to spot a kangaroo or two off in the distance.

Time to enjoy the butterflies dancing over the track.

(It is that yellow splotch in the middle of the picture!)

And now refreshed, perhaps, time to sneak a cup of tea before baby girl wakes again.

1 comment:

  1. My baby does the same thing! He just spits it out and I had the same experience one time when he woke up right after I finished pumping. I didn't have anything to give him and he still wouldn't take the bottle. Crazy kid! :)