Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just a matter of punctuation...

I am reading a brilliant collection of essays: Unshackled:Living in Outrageous Grace.  The Keswick Year Book 2007.

When I was an assistant minister in Wolverhampton, I thought I'd better do a tour of all the meetings to meet as many of the people in the church as I could, so on Monday I went to the women's meeting.  They had a most worthy lady in Wolverhampton to speak to them, and, to my great delight, she said her text was, "I AM THAT I AM.  I thought; I've often wondered what that meant.  This was the substance of her address, "Whatever your need happens to be, whatever situation you're facing, whatever you feel would supply your need for that situation on that day, the Lord will come to you and he will say, "I am that.  I am".

That's what the name means.  It means the all-sufficiency of God.  It means that whatever situation arises, he is sufficient for it.  When his people need deliverance he's the Deliverer, and when they need salvation, he's their Saviour - 'I am that. I am.'

p23, from Exodus - Redeemed pilgrims: indwelling God by Alec Motyer

So much more to share....I am learning so much.


  1. You are a good learner. This is TRUTH, delightful TRUTH.
    I am so happy that you are my faraway friend.

  2. How absolutely lovely! I can hear the enjoyment through your writing!