Friday, August 17, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Well, long time between postings here.  It seems for me at least, coping with two children is a lot more challenging than one:)  I am so amazed at how women with large families do it day in day out.  All admiration to you!

So joining Like Mother, Like Daughter for PHFR this week.

Since I last posted I have spent three weeks back in Perth with my folks because Mr Provincial was away for work.


We saw some amazing images out the window on our return flight.  On the way to Perth I was just about surviving the flight unaccompanied with a two year old and two month old!  Mr Provincial joined us for the last week of our stay so I had some free hands to take photos of the amazing scenery on our return journey.

First up we flew over the Bungle Bungles!

Then over Lake Argyle.

Gratuitous shot of slumbering babe. 

Entertaining toddlers on long flights is fun:)


Daddy and Ginger built a trampoline for the backyard.

Ginger loves it.  She would bounce all day if she could.  I am so happy that after a week of having it she has started jumping on both feet, rather than just hopping from one to another.


 Doing "this little piggy went to market" is hilarious according to Tom Kitten.  

Even funnier if your sister does it for you.


I got a great shot of brotherly and sisterly love the other day. These two really do adore each other.

Two seconds later loving sister did this!

Obviously this is where the photos stop because I had to intervene to prevent injury.


  1. It's so good to see you! The children are wonderful! Good for you, surviving the flight. Flying with little ones is hard!
    I love your photos! I've only been to Sydney and I've read about the other parts of your land.
    I love the sibling adoration very much. Tom Kitten is a beautiful baby and Ginger is growing up. Her hair is so cute!
    The Willows are found! They are in France and they come to you next. I'll make sure Floss has your address. They'll go to NZ after you and then home to me!
    It's so good to hear from you, friend. YOU are a good mum!

  2. What lovely children! Let me assure you, ANY number of children is easier than a toddler and a baby! You will see :)

  3. I loved your pics! What an adventure although i don't think i could do the travel part with toddlers just yet...i fear we will never have a holiday again lol!Lovely to read a post from girls love their trampoline too and they are so much easier now they have nets....i remember constantly having to stand by Miss Teen's old rectangle one willing her not to fall off!
    That sibling love is just priceless!

  4. These images are so gorgeous, i loved flying with my little ones, they were always great on planes (breastfeeding while taking off & landing was my trick.) Love the pictures of your two together on the trampoline, how much fun!! Love Posie