Thursday, August 30, 2012

{PHFR} - 30 August 2012

I don't feel I can write today without first making mention that my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the five Australian soldiers killed today, in our nation's worst day of combat since the Vietnam war.  I think lives cut short in these sort of events remind us all of the preciousness of every day.  Exactly what {PHFR} is about.


The ladies of our parish sewing group make a quilt for each of the new babies.  Given the rate at which they are arriving at present they have their work cut out for them.

This is Tom Kitten's quilt.  

They even hand-embroidered the words of the Lord's prayer on the binding.

Of course it is even more pretty with Tom Kitten lying on it.


A little boy discovers his toes for the first time.


I went to our local op-shop to order some new chiropractic mattresses - essentials as we have my in-laws coming in a week and they have great prices by having an arrangement with an Australian maker.

We are not meant to be buying any non-essentials.  But some picture books can't be left behind.


The theme at kindergym this month has been Shapes.  I love this rhyme we learnt:

Round is a pancake,
Round is a plum,
Round is a doughnut,
Round is a drum.
Round is a puppy,
Curled up on a rug.
Round are the spots,
On a wee ladybug.
Look all around
On the ground, in the air,
You will find round things everywhere!
I have been working with Ginger to consolidate her learning - I made a little activity to work with her on.  She didn't want to play by my rules for the game but set up her own activity - at least we can say she is good at classification; even if she couldn't actually tell you what each shape is called.

Couldn't let this {Real} opportunity go without including this snippet from the Woolworths magazine - did you see that that price is per serve for a 'weeknight meal'. That is a $28 soup!


  1. What a beautiful gift from your parish! It is wonderful to see babies loved by their faith community. I love your sorting game, I'll have to try that out with my Littler.

  2. That is a beautiful book! I don't blame you one bit for bringing it home.
    An even more beautiful baby!
    (And what a silly, expensive soup dinner...)

  3. By the looks of these are already homeschooling!

  4. I seemed to have missed this post somehow sorry!! Love the pics of little G with her shapes...they always have a better idea than us don't they lol!Those blankets are just so very special and a kind gift!
    Little Tom Kitten is just waaay to cute in those pics...thanks for sharing with us x

  5. Oh honey, sorry i haven't visited for so long, hello!!
    Look at how your gorgeous young man has grown & the adventures with Ginger at gym too. Fantastic quilting, love Posie

  6. Hello, far away wonderful person- Mags of the Willows' Grand Tour here xx Were the Johns related to the Rudyard? Gorgeous book. Books and coloured shapes- you can never have too many of those! I am calling quickly by to say that the Willows will be coming your way soon! They are already in Australia, and seem keen to stay- we may have trouble moving them on when the time comes for New Zealand! Pom Pom did email me your address, but now I can't find it in the mire of my Inbox, and I wondered if you wouldn't mind contacting me so I can pass it on to Quilter Liz? may still work, or a more up-to-date one is in my profile, I think! Am off to bed mulling over your post on diet and autism. Do you think those little daily good bacteria drinks would be good for kids' tummies? Or is that still too much dairy?