Monday, January 28, 2008

Seeing Things!

We have had a lovely weekend here....beautiful clear skies and sunshine. Rather hot though....I know, always complaints.

On Saturday we went to see Carmen at the Opera House. This was my first ever opera experience. My husband was really keen to go, though I was a bit dubious. I was concerned that I would only enjoy the pieces of music that I knew from Best-of-Opera type CDs - and with a two and a half hour performance, I didn't think that would be a significant portion of the show! Actually, I found it really enjoyable. Opera Australia had two visiting artists from the US - Michael Todd Simpson (as Escamillo) and Kirsten Chavez (as Carmen) - both were brilliant. They cast was huge; with wonderful costuming. Oh, and the sets were superb as well. I think one of the highlights for me was when Escamillo, the torero, came onto the stage riding a horse and singing!

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to see Juno. Everything I have read about it in people's posts has been positive and it really lived up to my expectations. The patter between the characters was so witty and funny. If you haven't already gone, I would recommend it.

Anyway, we are lucky enough to have a long weekend as it was Australia Day on Saturday (with the public holiday given today in consequence). We have a relaxed day planned. I want to finish a couple of craft projects, finish a book and do some general puttering around the house. We are going to a BBQ for my cousin's husband's birthday tonight....there should be an opportunity for a swim. Yay!

Have a great day.

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