Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Long Time No Post!

Apologies, I have been away for quite a while haven't I? Oh well, I should be around a bit more the next couple of weeks as my husband is away on a field exercise and so there are no distractions!

We had our church family camp on the weekend. It was held at a beautiful campsite, right on the river. It was a fun weekend with lots of games and, of course, teaching. We had some really good talks on real-ationships (and I didn't spell that wrong:)) - that is relationships with God, the church and our family.

Anyway I did a bit a craft a while back and I thought I would post a picture. I made this baby blanket for my cousin's new baby boy (he was born on Sunday morning). It was really simple to do, its just quilt material backed with polar fleece. I banket stitched round the edge for a bit of decoration.

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