Saturday, February 2, 2008

My First Quilt

The sum of my sewing knowledge amounts to a few ribbons stitched on to ballet shoes and a brief engagement with my sewing machine to make Harry Potter capes for a Halloween Party. I bought my sewing machine in a very expensive moment of whimsy about two years ago. It sat in its box, in the cupboard for twelve months before the Harry Potter incident necessitated its emergence. The capes were constructed with a good deal of experimentation - sewing machine manual open - out of very cheap black material. They were passable imitations.

Why then did I think a degree of success in that endeavour equipped me with the necessary skills to tackle a quilting project? And, why did I think the “simple quilts” pictured in the January issue of Australian Better Homes and Garden’s would actually be simple, or that the instructions in the magazine would be complete? Well after three weekends of frustration, sewing, unpicking, fervent consultation of my sewing machine manual and a trip to the local quilting shop for advice (and a seam ripper) I have finally completed my quilting project. I am relatively pleased with the result. You will notice the colours are classically preppy. I hope they will cheer me up on any dreary days I might have. There is nothing like snuggling down with a cup of hot tea, a cosy quilt and a good book to jolly you out of a blue mood.

P.S. Just don’t look too closely at that edging. It is terribly uneven and, it would seem there was a reason why the instructions specified hand-sewing it on! I think I might need to take a class on the subject before I attempt another quilt!

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  1. Three weekends? Only? It took me TWO years to make my first quilt! It looks lovely.