Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am really grateful for my puppy dogs. They keep me company and make me smile when I am down. They are always there to welcome me home - who doesn't like to be greeted by bouncing dogs! And, sometimes they are happy to just 'be' with me - there is something about a dozing dog that warms the heart. Anyway I thought I would share their exploits from last night.

Abby and Monty usually sleep in the laundry. However, the last couple of nights we have had really bad thunderstorms. Last night Abby started barking around 2am (she is scared of thunder), in my half awake state I decided the easiest way to deal with the situation was to let them sleep in our room (my husband is out field and he is the only one in the house who would protest:)). When my husband is away I pile the extraneous pillows on his side of the bed (there were 6 at last count). This morning I woke up to find Monty had manourvered himself surreptitiously onto the bed and was fast asleep on his back with his head on my husband's pillow. I had a replacement husband! It made a most amusing start to the morning though I don't think I will be sharing that particular piece of information with my husband on his return. I don't think he would appreciate knowing that his dog was comfortably ensconsed on the queen bed while he roughed it on the ground in the rain

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