Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lent - a time for caring

This was in our local paper this week and I thought it was so interesting that I would reproduce it here.

As we in the Southern Hemisphere are awaking to the newness of Autumn, Spring is knocking on the windows of the folks in the Northern Hemisphere.  This is of interest to Christians who begin the season of Lent.  The English word Lent has its origin in the North; in the language of Dutch speakers, their word "lente" means the season of spring.  Lente is the noun form while the verb form is "ontspringer".

How does this relate to our Christian concept of Lent?  In terms of Christian growth and development, the church season of Lent, as in the season of Spring, is about pruning back old growth, (addressing old habits that stunt Christian practice), cutting off sickly branches (dealing with our apathy and don't care attitudes).

It is about fertilising (assuming personal responsibility for immoral standards) where needed and being busy with watering cans (supporting children and youth) and the like.  Spring is a busy time in the garden.  Lent is a caring time in God's garden.

Growth is most prolific in spring.  It is the season that welcomes the delicate growth of myriad new shoots, and countless new blossoms with their promise of fruit harvests.

Transpose this to the Christian season of Lent.  Be grateful for your life.  Cherish your life.

Be active in maintaining Christian values.  Actively cultivate Christian values in family life.  Life doesn't just happen.  Passivity is the seedbed for weed growth.  Passivity is the seedbed for weed growth.  Passivity of spirit is the seedbed for growth of immorality.

During the Lent let us sucumb to the powerful but gentle hand of the greatest gardener of all, Jesus Christ.  Allow Him to prune where he sees necessary.

Ask for his rain on the infertile soils of our spirit.  Spend time in prayer and reflection on Sacred Scripture.  Above all, root out of your vocabulary "I don't care" and "There's nothing I can do".

Do care and there is something you can do.

~Sr Rita Grunke, Crows Nest Catholic Parish

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