Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Tour of Ginger's Nursery

Yesterday as I was cleaning Ginger's room I realised that, despite intentions to do so over a long period, I have never posted pictures of Ginger's nursery.  Actually, I haven't posted much recently at all - no single reason for that; but Ginger's walking is certainly making things lively around here.

Ginger's room is a mish-mash of newly purchased items, items sourced from other parts of the house, gifts and op-shop (thrift shop) buys.  The small chair by the cot was my father's when he was a small boy - it was built by Ginger's Great-great Grandfather.  Love having some family history in the room.

I love pictures for children's rooms.

These are Belle & Boo prints (from Etsy) that I bought a few years ago. They used to hang in my sewing room. But, I don't have a sewing room now that we have a nursery!

These were specially purchase from Sarah Jane on Etsy. I had been eyeing them off for a couple of years waiting for our baby! I love the 'read with me' print which you customise hair and dress colour for. I am, however, slightly dubious about whether I should have purchased the blonde haired girl. I thought it was a safe assumption to make, that two blonde headed individuals would produce a blonde headed child. However, Ginger is showing signs of having auburny hair.  The frames are from Ikea and the mats are just scrapbooking card cut to size.

The bookshelf used to be at my Nanna's. We painted it white. The lamp is from Ikea and used to sit on my desk.  I love the lampshade (also Ikea!). The change-table we found for $15 at St Vincents. We (read DH) just gave it a fresh coat of paint. We picked up the change table mat secondhand at Greensborough Market in Melbourne last year.

This poster I picked up down in Melbourne. From the wonderful stationer, Zetta Florence. I had it laminated and block mounted.  My MIL made the emroidered wall hanging.  So sweet.

The cot my in-laws bought us. The mobile above the cot I finished on Sunday - I may do a tutorial sometime soon.  It replaces one that Ginger broke by pulling on it.  We switched the others around the room.  The flutter-by I made at a church craft group, it is painted silk.  The viking ship mobile was sent over by my inlaws - they bought it in Denmark.

This Ikea bookshelf also used to sit in my sewing room!  The sacrifices we make for our Children :)  Ginger has many books - many are mine from Childhood, some come from my Mother's 35 years of teaching lower primary and we added a whole lot the other weekend at the local Lifeline bookfair.  Some time soon, I must do a post on children's books we are enjoying.

I made the quilt for Ginger in the weeks leading up to her birth. The elephants and birds are hand appliqued on. The pattern is from Cath Kidston's Sew book.

I finished the curtains (sorry about the light in the photo) the day Ginger was born, they were hung the morning I went into hospital. For other would-be mothers, a note of advice: I don't recommend clambouring around the floor, cutting and pinning curtains at 9 months pregnant, you will do bad things to your lower back.  We hung them just before I went to the hospital. The fabric I picked from samples my MIL sent over from the UK.

If you have any questions just include them in the comments and I will respond.

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  1. What a sweet nursery for a little girl. I love that it's full of handmade items, family touches, and fun things for her to look at.

    The bit about hanging curtains the morning you went to the hospital made me laugh out loud. That's dedication!