Thursday, June 23, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life


Ginger has become obsessed with reading.  Here she is looking at my library copy of Australian Country Living.  Good taste, I say.  Its my favourite magazine - I love it even more now I get it free from the library. A child reading is pretty as a picture for a book loving Mum.


I love that Ginger loves her dogs.  She is very determined that she will walk Abby.  Poor Abby is not that keen on it but it does make Ginger very happy.


You can just hear Ginger - "Oh no, my dog has made her escape."  Feel like I should add a disclaimer - we are not just letting Ginger walk down any old road; its on base so there are very few cars on a weekend.


Paper and pen - what shall I write?  Ginger has decided she is a writer.  She needs a biro - a crayon or pencil is no longer accepted AND paper AND mummy needs to hold her hand and write as she directs!


  1. It looks like she is going to be an interior decorator!

  2. What a clever little girl you have. And pretty, too! :)

  3. A reading child (especially one with such good taste in reading materials) is pretty as a picture in my book too! Ah heck, Ginger is just pretty...I suppose her doing just about anything could easily fall into this category! It must be so hard for you to choose!