Monday, June 27, 2011

Unplugged Sunday

This weekend we joined Heather's family in having an unplugged Sunday.  For our family we set the disconnected (no technology) hours as between 6am (Ginger's waking) and 7pm (her bedtime).  It was so refreshing and we got so much done.

For the first time in  months we made it to church on time - usually we arrive with the first hymn.  We went straight from church to the local monthly country markets where we picked up some local fruit and vegetables, and a toy for Ginger.  I had seen something similar on Jennifer's blog and she had said it was the favourite toy for all her four children when they were toddlers.  Ginger was certainly impressed when she woke up from her nap and got to play.

During Ginger's nap DH and I got on with some hobbies - DH worked on his aeroplane model and I pieced another strip of my quilt. 

Ginger woke for a late lunch and we had some yummy avocado that has been ripening on the windowsill for weeks.  There is an avocado tree on base and DH climbed it and got us down quite a number - nothing like free produce!

Then, there was time for a walk.  Ginger loves walking, but her pace is more of a doddle than a walk.  We compromise now - she gets to walk some and then she gets pushed.  We found some holly and some interesting seedpods on our wander.

Home again in time for some of DH's wholemeal scones and a pot of tea.  He is becoming quite the man in the kitchen!


  1. Oh, the scones looks delicious! I want one!
    How fun for Ginger to have such a lovely day with her parents!

  2. OOoooh, I like this Unplugged Sunday idea! Thanks for sharing yours!